The Goal of this Journal

Ratings System

For this journal, my ratings will be based on personal preference and will be based on areas of filmmaking quality, immersion of plot and conflict, sentimental value (movies are always subjective, right?), among other criteria. For the most part, a full 5 stars will mean the movie is in my personal Top Ten, if not in my Top Fifteen and so on. I’m hoping that through the more movies I review, the ratings system will get more and more accurate to my personal ability to assess a film for solely what it is.


I hope that my writing will have the ability to sway whoever reads this journal to at least give these films a shot. I like to think I have a respectable taste in movies for the most part and I hope after reading a few of these you’ll be inspired to check out a Kubrick masterpiece, or maybe a sleeper like Eternal Sunshine. All in all, I just want to pour my mind out about my love for the art of filmmaking and I hope you enjoy it!


I know some people aren’t used to this or even consider doing it, but I’d honestly love feedback on my writing, both in terms of style and content. A good critique is the only thing that will help this blog improve down the line so hit up that contact page and shoot me an email! Also, my social media handles are on the bottom of the front page so I wouldn’t be against a follow.

Drew – 5/8/17 ♘


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